Premier Sound Factory - Drum Tree (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Drum Tree is a product that, through tremendous cost, effort and dedication has pursued and captured the techniques of the legendary songs, genre by genre and with the utmost respect. Behind its cute and colorful design, Drum Tree packs a serious punch and is the heaviest hitting, energy filled software on the market. It makes itself stand up clearly in crowded tracks without pushing faders. The sound provided is mastered and finished, leaving no work for a mixing engineer. It also means the user won’t need to worry about any EQ or compressors. I believe all sound libraries must save artists from wasting time with such troublesome matters. You will be amazed at how well the sound stands up under the limiter during mastering. If you compare our specially produced 96kHz sound with any other software, you will be able to hear a clear difference, even on iPhone earphones.

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File Size 15.38 GB
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