Rattly and Raw - Martin France Drums (KONTAKT) - Full Version

We are thrilled to present RaR Signature Range with incredibly detailed and realistic sounding percussion instrument for Kontakt featuring one of the world's best professional musicians - Martin France! We captured not only Martin's musical experience, but also his exceptional collection of drums and cymbals - from the very rare snare drum of the 1920s to the classic cymbals of the 1960s and 1970s. Martin performed with three main sets, each of which is characteristic of a particular era. A total of 36 kits and about 33,000 samples were recorded. Martin's performances were recorded in a huge church with really fantastic acoustics. We've designed the instrument so that you can instantly go from expansive, roomy explosive sound to completely dry “dead room” sound or something in between. Having a professional engineer on the RAR team allowed us to optimize microphone placement, choice of microphones and microphone channels, and control the dickey of each microphone. The result is a stunningly dynamic and natural acoustic drum library that's incredibly easy to set up. We've provided simple controls to keep you focused on making your music instead of being distracted by the technical aspects. And Martin's clean and accurate playing complements live and acoustic music, unlike many over-hyped drum libraries. Built-in processing also makes it easy to integrate into pre-programmed and hardcore electronic music! With a sleek interface and advanced voice processing scripting, Martin France Drums is simply one of the most realistic-sounding drumming instruments you can program.


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