Rhythmic Robot Audio - Minidrums Junior (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Awesome vintage Korg MiniPops Junior patterns! • Ten preset rhythms plus individual kits so you can program your own • Light, fast vintage tones ideal for complex and fluid rhythms • Tilt EQ for easily adding punch or air • Combine rhythms and get extraordinary patterns! The Korg MiniPops Junior is a cute little analog drum box that's styled to echo the 1950s Buick vibe - flowing lines, chrome trim, and candy apple red paint. In our opinion, this is one of the most attractive drum machine designs: it even has a steep sloping top! On board are ten preset beats that evoke the charm of a bygone era, contained in a set that includes kick, snare, hats and wood block . It is simple in function and quite tasty in sound, with a bouncy tone that seems to work especially well with more complex patterns. Our cue allows you to combine presets for unusual combinations or play them as they are. What's more, there is a powerful Tilt EQ, capable of adding some wheeze to the kick drum if you turn it to the left, or make it lighter and faster if you turn it to the right. Run the results through the built-in compressor and plug in some vintage reverb and you have a party for yourself! MiniDrums Junior is ideal for synthpop, electronica and all sorts of funky genres. If you are interested in a lighter, more refreshing drum machine, this is the one for you.

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