Rhythmic Robot Audio - NanoMod 10 - Hard (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Hard allows the NanoMod architecture to handle hard, metallic, aggressive signals, giving you a wide selection of powerful lead sounds and angry bass lines. It's ideal for sounds that need to cut through the mix with confidence. Wave 1 comes from our modular system and makes good use of the SuperSawtor, generating the bold, fat sawtooth wave we used for the short rectangular sub-oscillators, before passing them both through our Aurora Stinger at a fairly high gain setting. This wave is wicked and thick, and is great for bass and polysynthetic tones. Wave 2 also passes through Stinger for some saturation, but the starting point this time was a metallized triangle wave combined with a powerful sine-based sub-oscillator. Heavier and sharper than Wave 1, it is ideal for leads and offers a lot of filtering options. Disabling the Warmth control produces almost clinically clear synthetic tones that can squeal and rattle, while playing with filters can suppress the original vibrations for smoother, lighter sounds and melodies. And as always, the Glitch button instantly pops up random patches whenever you want.

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