Rhythmic Robot - PatchVault Jupi6 Factory Set (KONTAKT) - Full Version

All 48 factory patches from the really cool Jupiter 6 polysynthesizer Our main idea behind our new PatchVault series is to pack the factory sounds of classic keyboards into a sleek yet powerful interface that allows you to play them the way nature intended, or turn them into sounds of your own design. And transfer all this power into your hands. Each PatchVault instrument contains a set of legendary synthesizer sounds of the past, carrying some important performance-oriented controls for you to truly enjoy these patches. We've reproduced these gorgeous filtered sweeps and curvy pads in all their glory, and we've even created some very useful controls not found in the originals - like controlling cutoff speed and filter volume for truly expressive sounds. The Jupiter 6 Sound Kit is a wonderful selection of rich analog tones from Roland's remarkable two-oscillator powerhouse. There are analog EPs, hefty bass, sweet soaring string sections, big bright brass ensembles, somber atmospheres, and weird unearthly alien noises - in other words, anything you'd hope to find in a serious studio workhorse like this one. Whether you use them “as is,” tweak them slightly to suit your tracks, or use them solely as starting points for your own sounds, they are guaranteed to bring classic polysynthesis to your sounds. You can even layer them on top of each other to create massive, complex sounds.

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