Rigid Audio - SUPINE (KONTAKT) - Full Version

SUPINE - THE SOFTER SIDE OF THINGS SUPINE delivers truly unique and inspiring sounds right out of the box. It is a state-of-the-art ambient loop and multisample instrument module for KONTAKT containing 350 different kits that can be played in tandem across four categories (Pad, Synth 1 & 2 and FX). These kits are built using the included 975 (unencrypted) 24-bit WAV files. All loops can be played polyphonically timestretched within a range of two octaves (24 semitones). SUPINE delivers 50 beautiful-sounding synthesizer arpeggios (with minor / major velocity key-switching), 50 smooth and silk pad sounds as well as over 100 chords (minor / major switching), drones and textures. Besides the polyphonic timestretchable loops, SUPINE also offers a wealth of multisampled ambient and acoustic instruments like brasses, wind sounds, plucks, pianos, keys and synthesizers. NOTE: Full version of KONTAKT 5.8.1+ required!

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File Size 5.62 GB
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