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G-Sonique TrebleCream is a technology for softening mid / high frequencies and transients . One of the most annoying things about sound / music is definitely the harsh, rough and screaming mids, highs and overdriven transients. From your mixing experience, you've probably been in a situation where everything sounds good, the instruments are balanced, well compressed and equalized, but if you want a clear and expressive overall mix, the mids are inevitably very sharp, screaming and distorted and you don't know how to make them softer and more enjoyable. Then, after mixing, the screaming / sharp mids / highs are amplified many times during the mastering process (because your recording is amplified, compressed, limited, resulting in the subsequent distortion, which is most evident in these frequencies and transients). Later, if this track is played loudly in a car, disco bar, or a large concert hall, those harsh mids and highs and transients will simply saw through your listeners' ears because the powerful amplifiers produce yet more subsequent distortion and massive high harmonics even more. amplified (more volume = more amplifier distortion). Then the music is no longer a pleasure, but only killing your listeners' ears with screaming highs / mids and distorted transients on large speakers at concerts or disco bars. It doesn't matter if you're mixing jazz, folk, heavy metal, techno, or drum and bass - ask your listeners - they all prefer cuddly, creamy analog shining highs, mids and intense but silky transients over painful distortion and screams of these frequencies. Even in harsh musical styles ... Do you like shiny highs and silky / creamy mids / transients? Would you like to have nice and soft but very intense mids / transients in your mix? Do you know how to do this? We present TrebleCream. TrebleCream is a new technology with special digital algorithms / virtual circuits, inspired by analog electronic structures to achieve really nice, creamy mid-high frequencies without losing their intensity. TrebleCream helps you remove "harshness" from a mix within seconds. TrebleCream was developed in collaboration with Analog Dimension. Senior Master Engineer at Analog Dimension Studios says:“Over 50% of the mixes we get have loud or distorted mid-highs and / or transients, while the rest of the mix is ​​relatively good. Sometimes a song becomes 2 times louder after mastering due to modern trends and all these negative artifacts (sharpness, mid-high frequency distortion) are logically amplified during mastering, while many people think that mastering can fix all mixing mistakes, but all experienced engineers will tell you that this is not true. Mastering simply cannot compensate for mixing errors. A lot of people use low-quality digital compressors, sound-coloring plugins, limiters, and all of these plugins will distort the mid-high frequencies if they are overused. We were always curious about what to do with these low quality mixes, when re-mixing is no longer possible, because compression or equalizing cannot help and remove screaming mids and distorted transients. Otherwise, the song will sound empty and overwhelmed after strong EQ. Therefore, after discussions with the G-Sonique engineers and extensive research, we created the TrebleCream machine. First, we made it look like real analog equipment, and later recreated it as a digital plug-in for more convenient operation. " TrebleCream is mainly intended for mixing (used on separate channels), but can also be used on the MixBuss / Main channel during mixing or during mastering if you get really wrong and sharp results and re-mixing is no longer possible. Sometimes TrebleCream can be the last chance to fix an incorrect and harsh mix before mastering.

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