G-sonique - Vintage Psychedelic Delay VTD-42 VST x86 - Full Version

There are tons of classic digital delays, but most of them sound boring and digital. VTD-42 is not like classic digital delays and sounds completely different. Doesn't look like just a delay. Full of revolutionary vibes and rainbow-colored hypnotic and psychedelic smoke in the air. No digital technology, just pure analog sounds. The only possible way to create a delay before was to use special delays on tape - hardware with 3 or more tape recorders, constantly recording and repeating the recorded sound, creating a magic delay effect with all the artifacts, ripples, flutter and tape effects, disturbances, noise and crackles. All this created a magical psychedelic atmosphere. There is only one way to recreate the reverb effect - spring reverbs - special springs in metal boxes. Vintage psychedelic delay VTD-42 is basically a tape delay emulation, but we've also added a spring reverb effect and an input tube preamp. to add some dirt. Of course we are in a new 21st psychedelic age so we added a little more, the sound can be cleaner and more modern + there is much more than just emulation of vintage tape delay, you can find a lot of cool features here like the top tone and special octave effect to create a stunning psychedelic spirit. VTD-42 can be used for dub / chillout drums, great for experimental genres, percussion, minimal techno, progressive trance, psytrance, reggae, dub, etc. VTD-42 can be used with live guitars, sitars, pianos and other sounds , VTD-42 is perfect also with synthesizers, chords, leads.

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