Sound Dust - Tiny Binaural Harpsichord³ (KONTAKT) - Full Version

The tiny binaural harpsichord3 remains perfectly faithful to its rare original spinet created by influential instrument maker and musician Arnold Dolmetsch (1849-1940). But as always and always with Sound Dust instruments, TBH³ offers much more than impressively implemented acoustics and editing - it offers two completely unique and incredibly versatile must-have instruments for the modern producer, sound engineer or composer. The original samples were carefully recorded using OKM binaural microphones to capture omnidirectional stereo sound heard by the ear. The result is transparency and authenticity. The TBH³ conveys the resonant enjoyment of a small harpsichord, its antique keyboard, the rumble of brass strings and the soft organic rumble of a worn wooden mechanism. The TBH³ is more than a beautifully crafted harpsichord. The smart main control panel is intuitive, with three layers of sampled audio, with all the main editing tools and effects grouped together. Although TBH³ implements its predecessor, there are still some significant differences in TBH². A stunning new set of editing tools and effects bank come with advanced features and controls for superb detailed sound manipulation. Tweaking almost any of the controls will transform the familiar characteristics of the harpsichord and provide new textures or completely changed states. Experimenting will reward you with unheard-of sound. For example, changing the volume envelope, attack shape, and adding sustain can result in something that sounds like a processed harpsichord played with a bow

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