G-Sonique DUBSHOX Multi-Band Distortion X86 WiN - Full Version

G-Sonique DUBXHOX H8 is a special multi-band distortion / wave shaper + effector. This is a unique VST effect that combines different processors. It is designed for heavy music styles such as Dubstep, Dark Drum and Bass / Neurofunk, Electro, EBM or experimental / minimal techno. Dubxhox H8 works best with huge bass lines and dubstep synths. If you are creating drum and bass, breakbeat, dubstep or other similar styles and you feel like your synthesizer lacks a lot of sonic coloration or the fat energy of the bass or heavy analog character required for these styles, try Dubshox H8 as an effect. The DUBSHOCK H8 combines multiband distortion and wave shaper with over 40 distortion and sound shaping types (from analog, transistor / diode or tube to crazy digital). Each band has a knob for drive (amount of distortion) and output level so you can add heavy distortion without sounding too loud. DUBSHOX is designed for very fast operation, excellent sound results and wide sound creation possibilities. Often the bass lines on your favorite producer's dnb / dubstep tracks sound heavy, the fat and high frequencies have a very large space that takes up the entire track and you wonder how your favorite artist did it? Answer: Multiband distortion / wave shaping. The Simple Solution - With MID and TREBLE Spatial Processors you can add a 3D dimension to the mid and high frequency of your bass lines, keeping the bass in mono, which is essential if you play your music on large PA systems at festivals / clubs. Alternatively, you can add a futuristic / post-apocalyptic sound with a Neurofunk block designed primarily for dark drum and bass styles. Didy Ezra aka Bizzare Contact / Royal Flush (Label Owner of Mainstage Records, Israel) : "I have used the DUBSHOX H8 constantly since its inception. DUBSHOX H8 is my tool for boosting my bass and distorting my leads / fx. I have many other multiband distortion units, but the DUBSHOX H8 has this unique sound that I cannot get. Increase your drive and try the Napalm / Toxic Twist / High dos algorithms in the Mid Drive section.

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