SampleScience - Thales Model I 1.1 VSTi, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64 - Full Version

Thales Model I is the only plug-in that restores the sound of early software synthesizers of the sixties. Bell Laboratories developed software synthesizers that were capable of producing an early form of sound synthesis: raw sawtooths, unstable organ, near-pure sine tones, abstract white noise soundscapes. With the Thales Model I, you will be able to play with the tones generated by computers in the early sixties! The sounds were sourced from various films, which means they are not clean: tape recorders noise and background hiss are part of the sound of this very specific rompler. Because of this, the sound of the Thales Model I is reminiscent of Mellotron and other tape-based keyboards from the sixties.

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