M-Audio - Key Rig 6 STANDALONE, VSTi x86 - Full Version

Contains: SP-1 Stage Piano: grand pianos, Wurlitzer, classic electric pianos, FM, clavinet and more. Each preset can contain a combination of two instruments with individual settings for the Mix, Octave, Detune, Velocity and Tone parameters. Thanks to the dual effect section, each preset also has its own effect settings, including delay, chorus, phaser and more. MS-2 Polyphonic provides a new and easy way to create synthesizer sounds. Each preset consists of sub-presets for each main section: filter, amp, mod, and FX. Creating new sounds is as easy as combining these sub-presets in different ways, and adjusting all sorts of parameters as needed. The MB-3 Tone Wheel Organ faithfully simulates the classic Hammond ™ sound, complete with a rotary speaker. Includes nine drawbars as standard, which are pre-mapped to the M-Audio USB MIDI controller, percussion, variable keystroke function, 3 chorus and 3 vibrato parameter settings. The GM-4 General MIDI contains 128 GM instruments plus an excellent GM drum kit. The module reads GM-compatible standard MIDI files and provides a very easy way to sequence additional backing tracks. Key Rig modules have their own dual-core delay, chorus, phaser, etc. There is also a master effects section, which additionally processes the aggregate signal volume at the output from all modules. You get an internal mixer and assignment controllers that let you set up independent MIDI channels for each module. But that's not all ... you can easily separate layers and play, for example, bass on the left side of the keyboard and piano / string on the right, or any other combination you want. M-Audio virtual racks allow them to be used as stand-alone instruments in most host sequencers.

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