SoftPlug - Adventus 1.5 VSTi x86 - Full Version

Softplug Adventus DF VSTI is aimed at computer musicians writing techno and trance music. But you can try this synthesizer in any genre of music. Easy to use for both beginner and professional, you will be inspired by the sounds and presets of this vst instrument. SoftPlug Adventus VSTi v1.5 is softsynth oriented - techno and trance music, but you can use it to create music of any genre. The synthesizer has a sufficient number of ready-made presets. Easy to use for beginner or pro synth players, you will be totaly inspired by the sound and the presets when come the time to create or play music. Adventus VSTI is a trance techno music oriented softsynth. but you can do every kind of music with it, just try. Features SoftPlug Adventus VSTi v1.5: -6 Oscillators with Fat options. -Waveforms: Saw, Sine, Triangle, Pulse, Ramp, White Noise. -Portamento Controls. -Volume control, Fine-tune, Semi-tune, Pulse Width, Phase Modulation, Velocity and Velo to -Filter (New) sensitivity, Key follow, Key-Track. -6 Resonant Filters: 12dB, 24dB, Moog Filter Types: 3 different Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, -Band Reject ADSRs with parameter locking facility Amplifiers with controls for Attack, Decay, -Sustain, Release. -Modulation with substantial routing options: 2 assignment with 2 destinations each. -2 x LFOs with substantial routing options Mode, Range, Beat Step Sequencer with control for -Pitch, Filter, and FX parameter, Phase Modulation option. -Effects: Chorus, Phaser, Twin Delay, Reverb, Phase Mod, Drive (Distortion). -6 note polyphonic. -Mono / Legato / Polyphonic control. -MIDI CC control with learn capability. -128 presets.

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