G-Sonique - SHG Mid-Side Stereophonic Generator / Vitaliser + VST x86 - Full Version

Give your tracks 3D space, depth, breadth and atmosphere ... Mid-Side: stereophonic harmonic generator / vitalizer + is a stereo amplifier and processor with new technology to revitalize, color, control, adjust and expand stereo material (the side of the signal), as well as add space, width and depth to your mixes. Mid-Side: SHG / V + is a useful mixing and mastering tool. If you've ever tried a classic stereo enhancer and think that this is really all you need in your mixes? Then you have probably never tried this plugin. We can guarantee that, once tried, this new stereo expansion / revitalization technology will become an integral part of all your modern sound mixes! Every modern mix needs fat analog sounds combined with digital clarity, as well as ambient, ambience, space / width and depth, the plugin gives you it all.

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