THEPHONOLOOP - Cassette Piano.02 v2.0 (KONTAKT) - Full Version

The GUI of the Kontakt version has been redesigned - it’s still very simple and clear, but it offers much more editing possibilities, including extended modulation section: - 2 independent LFOs with 5 shapes and 4 destinations each - AMPLITUDE envelope with velocity modulation - FILTER envelope with invert switch - PITCH envelope with invert switch and attack curve knob Another improvement is the use of impulse reverb with custom impulses (4 spring impulses, 4 hall impulses & 3 corridor impulses), along with a choice of whether you want it to be placed pre or post insert effects - same thing goes for the delay. In addition, there are also features you may already know from previous instruments in this series, such as the sample start knob (controlled with the GUI or Mod Wheel) which allows you to control initial transients while designing your sound. Moreover, because of the fact that this kind of instruments sounds great when transposed down (it really adds to the overall ‘lofiness’ of the sound) there’s an octave down switch in the GUI now.

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