Tone Empire - Goliath + Loc-ness (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) - Full Version

The Virtual FX processor for drum tracks. Drums ... are the most important part of your mix that can make or mess up a track. For decades, developers have used various combinations of compressors, preamps, EQs and saturators to highlight different styles of sounds. Loc-Ness isn't just a compressor or EQ - it's a mysterious plug-in that brings all the necessary drum controls and sound colors to your workstation. This is a plug-in for processing individual drum elements and the entire drum bus and consists of several modules: CRUST: (Saturation) / Input Gain: Increase the saturation level (tone coloration) with this control. Select the saturation type for modes 1 to 4. SMASH: (Limiter) / Input Gain: Tightly limit the signal, choosing more of this effect. The signal flows from Crust to Smash in a sequential manner. This processing is similar to the 1176 “All Buttons In” “smash” mode, but smoother. FILTERS + MIX + TRIM: Low and high pass filters allow you to separate the frequencies you want to process and leave the rest of the signal intact. Crust & smash will only work in this specific range. Individual WET & DRY controls allow you to precisely mix processed and dry signals. The phase button inverts the phase between such signals. Tighten the balance between the processed and raw master mix with TRIM.

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