ToneBoosters - Plugin Bundle 1.4.1 VST, VST3 x64 x86 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) - Full Version

Barricade 4.4.0 - with a hard limiter (brickwall) restriction Broadcast 3.3.1 - multiband compressor BusCompressor 3.3.1 - high-quality, transparent dynamic processor with adjustable knee and auto release, suitable for processing single tracks as well as complex mixes. Compressor3.3.1 is a versatile compressor that is suitable for almost any audio content. Its advanced signal analysis algorithms allow dynamic range to be changed very transparently. Conversely, when manually adjusting the parameters, it can provide a "musical pumping effect" DeEsser 3.3.1 - removes or reduces the excess of vocal sibilants (for example, "ccc" and "shshsh"), without negatively affecting the low-frequency (sounded) parts of the signals. There is no need to adjust the attack or release parameters as these properties are automatically adjusted based on the input signal. TB DeEsser's split band stereo mode also provides the ability to limit any excess high frequency content to other signals, including full stereo mixes. Dither3.3.1 - a plug-in designed to convert the bit depth of sound with as little loss of quality as possible. DualVCF 1.0.1 - adds movement, shape and color. The plugin generates evolving rhythmic movement and complex dynamic filter shapes. It contains dozens of analog filter models with the sought-after sound of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Combined with envelopes and intuitive modulation editors, it provides almost limitless possibilities for creative exploration. EBUCompact 3.3.1 is a plug-in for measuring the loudness of a stereo signal. EBULoudness 3.3.1 is a plug-in for measuring and normalizing sound using the volume level instead of the standard Peak Meter. Enhancer - 1.1.0

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