AIR Music Technology - Boom 1.2.11 VSTi x86 x64 - Full Version

Air Music Technology originally created Boom as part of the Creative Collection instrument plug-ins included with Avid ™ Pro Tools ™. As the popularity of Pro Tools grew, more and more musicians and producers have relied on the incredible sonic firepower of this amazing drum machine. Boom has continued to evolve and is now available to anyone looking for instant creative results. Boom features a sleek, modern interface that pays homage to some of the most popular vintage drum machines of the past. Boom has been used in many famous projects since its launch, ranging from hit albums, feature films and radio projects. This is one of the most popular Pro Tools plugins. Boom includes a diverse collection of 10 classic electronic kits, offering variations of the classic 808 and 909, more aggressive Dance and Urban-style kits, and a powerful retro kit. Each has been created with great attention to detail and will have a tangible sonic impact. Each kit contains 10 different drums and you can adjust the pan, volume and wildness of each drum in the kit. Each drum channel also contains a dedicated knob for drum-specific sound tuning. This feature provides almost unlimited possibilities thanks to a user-friendly interface. You can mix and match drums from different kits to create your own, and drum sounds can be triggered individually. For instant inspiration, over 50 presets are included in the cover of modern classic electronic / urban music genres. Boom also has a built-in sequencer that lets you create and run your own templates that can be saved and loaded as presets. You can select different patterns using the keys at the bottom of the interface when you are in pattern selection mode. The dot matrix display in the upper left corner allows you to program a pattern, but you can also use the keys at the bottom. You'll find nice touches like the ability to copy one pattern to another, as well as some simple controls to customize how the pattern plays on your host: normal, double, half, or triplet timing.

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