Xhun Audio - IronAxe 1.8.0 VSTi x86 - Full Version

Xhun Audio IronAxe is a high-quality physical simulation of an electroacoustic guitar. IronAxe is the result of two years of scientific research, during which the instrument has reached all its true beauty, expressiveness and reality. The plugin simulates the physics of all the acoustic and electronic components of the original instrument while maintaining the same playability, with all sorts of nuances and techniques. Features of Xhun Audio IronAxe: - Manipulation of sound in the original core. Sound is actually generated, no samples; - Realistic sound and suitability for expressive play; - Smooth dynamics; - Instrument and presets can be loaded onto a flash card; - Small size (both RAM and HDD); - Fast installation; - Guitar + Effects / Stompboxes + Amp / Cabinets (all in one); - Easy use; - Possibility of choosing a guitar model: body with 2 or 3 pickups; - Ability to select the types of pickups (single-coil, humbucker, steelplate), set their number and location on the guitar body; - Ability to control via MIDI; - Compressor and equalizer on a common channel; - 4 slots for effects, 10 analog stompboxes; - Modeling of amplifiers and cabinets (at the moment 6 copies ...); - Supported sampling rates: 44.1 / 48 / 88.1 / 96 kHz.

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