SWAM Engine - SWAM Double Reeds v2.8.1 CE-VR VSTI, AAX X64 - Full Version

This collection consists of four instruments: oboe, horn, bassoon and double bass ... Four handcrafted digital acoustic instruments - oboe, horn, bassoon and double bass - are designed with Audio Modeling and SWAM technology: the most realistic, lifelike, lifelike real-time virtual double reeds on the market. No need for pre-written Giga libraries: the typical limitations of traditional samplers simply aren't there with SWAM technology. SWAM Double Reeds is not just recording notes using sample libraries, but a set of real virtual instruments based on their traditional counterparts and allows full control of the expression of a virtual acoustic instrument via a MIDI controller. The smallest footprint guarantees the same natural reactions that real instruments can have, and the perfect organic consistency, driven by endless expressive parameters that are unique to every live performance. SWAM Double Reeds can be used for classical, pop and any other musical style. While the sample library repeats pre-recorded sound, SWAM instruments play for real. In addition, because they are based on a combination of innovative working methods and concepts of physical and behavioral modeling, SWAM Double Reedsdon't include any samples and is extremely lightweight, weighing only a few megabytes.

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