ValhallaDSP - Valhalla Shimmer v1.0.4 VST / VST3 / AAX x86 x64 - Full Version

a high quality reverb with a very smooth roll-off, dense and "colorless" at the same time. It has several reverb settings, allowing you to set the decay of different sizes, from small rooms to huge environments. By adjusting the Feedback, Diffusion and Size parameters, you can adjust the attack, shutter speed and decay of the reverb signal. Two tone controls and Color Mode adjust the tone from bright and shiny to a naturally dark falloff similar to air absorption in large spaces. ValhallaShimmer also has several pitch shift modes for the return signal.

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File Size 3.2 MB
Magnet Torrent

Not for sale, intended for testing and educational purposes only, Support the developer by buying the original one, please report the violation post, we will delete it immediately

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