Admiral Quality - Poly-Ana 1.3.4 VSTi x86 x64 - Full Version

Get ready for new discoveries in the world of virtual analog synthesis! Poly-Ana takes a slightly different approach than most other virtual analog synthesizers, resulting in a sound that is more authentic to the original sound of early analog synthesizers. This "brute force" method, of course, requires much more computing power than other modeling methods, but the final mathematical model is as close as possible to the functioning of real analog instruments. If you are haunted by the idea of ​​obtaining high-quality sound, but you do not want to lose a drop of processing power in order to get closer to real analog sound, please note that Poly-Ana allows you to choose the quality of simulating analog circuits. At the same time, the decrease in processor power consumption occurs due to a slight decrease in sound quality, but this decrease is not so significant, and the sound of Poly-Ana in "light" mode can be compared with the sound of many other virtual analog synthesizers. Poly-Ana's voice architecture is an ambitious combination of the best features and features of well-known analog synthesizers, plus a number of new features (about 185 controllers in total!) That in the past were impossible or very expensive to implement in hardware. But, since Poly-Ana is a purely software product, these limitations do not affect it, and nothing prevented us from developing "the perfect analog synthesizer of your dreams". In combination with a design in a classic style and spaced separately parameters, with large convenient knobs and switches, similar to real controls of iron synthesizers, in combination with the absence of hidden multi-level menus and the display of each controller directly in the interface;

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