Arturia - DX7 V STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64 - Full Version

In 1983, DX7 changed the world of music. Today, the DX7 V gives you the option to change it again. Nothing says 80s better than the DX7 sound. Our authentic synthesizer gives you all the same FM technology and sounds that an instrument that has taken a revered place in the history of keyboards and modern music gave you. We didn't stop at just replicating it. New waveforms, advanced modulation add-ons, an arpeggiator, and built-in FX chains dramatically increase your sonic possibilities, and an intuitive graphical interface makes what was a daunting programming task once and is a creative joy today. This tool created countless hits from the 80s. Now you can create these sounds now, today and tomorrow. These sounds range from acoustic and organic to synthetic and mechanical, ranging from elusive to radical energy. With an extensive pre-installed library, you don't have to be an FM expert to harness all this sonic power. The DX7 V comes with a library of all 80s FM sound presets such as electric pianos, basses, marimbas, synths, and more, as well as a battery of hot new sounds from our elite sound design team. The DX7 V gives you a unique toolkit for tuning and creating new musical instruments and sound effects. The DX7 V is capable of reproducing an incredible range of sounds, from natural-sounding instruments to unique synthetic sounds from alien worlds. Since an instrument with such depth and potential is every explorer's dream, we challenged ourselves even more. We've added many new features, including many waveforms, filter and feedback loop for each operator, new modulation sources, unison mode, and more. The DX7 V has a stunning interface that provides intuitive control over all of the instrument's advanced features. Keeping a sense of the original design, we've simplified the main interface of the DX7 V to make it much easier to use and understand. Here you'll find an uncluttered introduction to just the basic controls, as well as the basics for visualizing and exploring new sound structures. When you're ready to dig deeper and infuse your sounds with detailed character and movement, just one click provides a programmer's paradise with serious controls that embody the light years spent behind the tedious original hardware interface. Balancing usability and added power in the DX7 V, tabbed windows contain grouped functions

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