Arturia - Stage-73 V STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64 - Full Version

An epic electric piano . The Stage-73 gives you real, authentic modeling of both the Stage and Suitcase, the most popular electric pianos on the planet, featuring unprecedented virtual mechanical control, effects pedals and built-in classic amps. The Stage-73 uses our award-winning simulation technology to accurately reproduce sound based on the sound and playing experience of the most beloved electric pianos of all time. We modeled both the Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano and the Stage Piano, including separate 1973 and 1974 Stage models, to convey their differences in their components. We are talking about complete sonic and aesthetic fidelity to the originals. You can even open the lid and customize various mechanical components to make your instrument unique. Classic amps and an array of effects pedals round out the virtual electric piano you've always dreamed of. Sound that is always on trend: Whether you're playing yesterday's hits or looking for tomorrow, Stage-73's sound is a king in its own right. The venerable Fender Rhodes sound is simply timeless and timeless. These instruments were used by keyboardists who pioneered the play of jazz, funk, R&B and rock. With a tonal range encompassing smooth bell-shaped qualities, these keyboards have been consistently used in almost every style imaginable up to the present day. Stage-73 V is the signature sound that propels performers into the spotlight and to the top of the charts. Like real: There is nothing quite like the sound of Rhodes ... except playing on Stage-73 V. There have been many attempts to emulate Fender Rhodes. As you already know, most software and even sample-based hardware lags far behind in quality. This prompted us to instead apply our simulation technology to the entire system, including forks, hammers, pickups that generate electromagnetic current, and circuits that amplify it all. The overall result is an absolutely authentic sound that is worth a lot in and of itself. Once you try the Stage-73 V, you won't settle for anything less. Unprecedented control: The Stage-73 V gives you access to controls plus a host of settings you could never get on an original instrument. A simple click toggles the entire instrument between the individual '73 Stage or '74 Stage sounds. Open the top and you control parameters such as dynamics, hammer hardness, and top fork resonance. Some of them are simply not possible in the physical world. You also get a built-in amplifier and speaker, and the ability to run directly or through a classic amp model. Next to the sustain pedal is a complete set of stomp boxes for just the effects you're looking for - all saved with your presets. Whether you want to use designer presets or go for your mods, the Stage-73 V has the flexibility to be just about any electric piano you want.

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