Auddict - Master Solo Woodwinds Bassoon (KONTAKT) - Full Version

The Ultimate Woodwind sample library can fool even the most sensitive and trained ear. 40 GB of impressive quality content - multiple layers of legato in multiple dynamic layers, play any note duration, and even control the level of real mechanical noise coming from the instruments. After a lot of recording, production, relentless testing, re-testing and final improvement of the final result, we are very pleased to present you the Master Solo Woodwinds kit, which contains carefully sampled solo flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet and bassoon for Kontakt. What's Inside - 14.1 GB (7.46 GB) Compressed - 7 microphone positions that duplicate the movie sound setting, so you can create your own sound to your liking. Separate table microphones can be used to simulate division. - Recorded in the world famous Cadogan Hall - Over 14,000 samples + - Polyphonic - Legato - Portamento - Tremolo - Harmonics - Trills - Staccato - Pizzicato - Sautille Additionally Due to the number of uncompressed wav files "On disk for 14 646 items" : - All samples are compressed - All samples are packed into containers - Batch ReSave in 5.8.1

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File Size 6.95 GB
Magnet Torrent

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