Auddict - United Strings of Europe: Violas (KONTAKT) - Full Version

United Strings of Europe is a London-based ensemble of young professionals from all over the European Union and Switzerland with the aim of promoting musical and cultural cooperation at the highest level. Mix between perspectives Close Couples, Scene, Room, Close SDC, Close LDC and Dot Tapes with the flexibility designed to replicate a real scoring session. You now have control over different microphone levels and perspective in a session, allowing you to modify your own sound in your scores as if you were in the studio with the console in your hands. What's Inside - 8.02 GB (4.44 GB) Compressed - 7 microphone positions that duplicate the movie sound setting, so you can create your own sound to your liking. Separate table microphones can be used to simulate division. - Recorded in the world famous Cadogan Hall - Over 19,000 samples + - Multiple TRUE LEGATO kits, including regular and portamento, with different dynamics (smooth fading with MIDI CC1) - 7RR Staccato, Pizzicato and Sautille / Spiccato multiplied by several dynamics layers - Tremolo, harmonics and trills - Complete list of articulations - Polyphonic - Legato - Portamento - Tremolo - Harmonics - Trills - Staccato - Pizzicato - Sautille

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File Size 4.14 GB
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