CFA-Sound - MonoGrizzly v2.0 32bit VSTi - Full Version

It's time to unleash your DAW with the brand new MonoGrizzly synthesizer 2 VST! A complete monophonic and analog synthesizer for raw and wild analog bass and synth sounds. After years in a cage, MonoGrizzly 2 has finally grown to its full size and is ready to bare its claws! There is a completely redesigned engine, many of your own characters, massive oscillators, a powerful filter module based on the classic staircase design and forex effects - packed in an easy-to-use interface. Starting with brand new oscillators that generate 3 analog simulated signals at the same time, you can use up to 9 signals per note with all three oscillators together. Each generator has improved two new sound shaping functions: Spread - allows you to modulate the phases of each signal it contains, and Roast - with this mode you can transform the character of the sound in the oscillator into a crunchier and rougher taste. with just one click. Moreover, you can also sync the second and third oscillator and add noise through the mixer module.

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