Chris Hein - Orchestral Brass Compact (KONTAKT)

Orchestral Brass Compact is a light version of the unique Chris Hein library - Orchestra Brass Complete. It offers the same number of instruments: three trumpets, three trombones and three French horns, recorded as nine separate instruments and three ensembles. With exceptional and versatile sound quality, the Orchestral Brass Compact is the perfect addition to any orchestral library, especially for brass production; whether it be in classics, epic film scores or orchestral stage. For the compact edition, we have compiled the most important and common elements and functions of the full edition. At the same time, this copper library undoubtedly meets the highest expectations in terms of sound quality, expression and usability. The library tools use carefully prepared multisamples with detailed phase alignment to correctly align the phases and crossfades of dynamic layers. Up to eight dynamic layers ensure realistic sound. Among the undeniable advantages of the library are true legato, variable attack on the note, innovative aids such as hotkeys, note headers and remote control of all functions via MIDI via TouchOSC. Chris Hein - Orchestral Brass Compact relies on the powerful Kontakt sample engine with a custom user interface and an extensive set of scripts to meet the specific requirements of these instruments. Both high-quality equipment such as select Neumann microphones and outstanding performances by musicians create a sound aesthetic. Unlike the award-winning Chris Hein - Horns, this library uses the famous WDR Symphonic Orchestra.


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