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Keyboard In Blue is a true electromechanical piano built from the ground up. Recorded at Hollywood Scoring Studios through a vintage tube amplifier, it reimagines the well-known "that very" classic sound. This is a great keyboard, zoomed into a large space - it's real and alive! Keyboard In Blue is a true electromechanical piano built from the ground up. Its software incarnation refines your favorite vintage instruments with better sustain and high-register tone, and more powerful and fuller bass. We set out to present the electromechanical keyboard in a very organic and acoustical manner. So instead of recording directly from the output, a very popular method, we sent it straight to a vintage guitar preamp. A room at Hollywood Scoring Studios provided a well-balanced space to convey this very lively, acoustic tone. Keyboard In Blue offers 5 separate mixes: 2 close mics on amplifier - tape and FET, medium room perspective and full room perspective. Finally, there is the FULL combination that includes the best ratio of the above. The In Blue keyboard definitely has character! The first knob you see is the CHARACTER knob. It controls the offset between softer and louder samples while maintaining the same apparent volume. So ultimately it's tone control.

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