CrushedPixel - CrispyTuner 1.0.12 VST3, AAX x64 - Full Version

Fully functional set for vocal autotune. Since its invention in the late 1990s, autotune vocals have played an important role in music production. Its use has become so widespread that nowadays, plug-in auto-tuning vocals simply cannot be used in the repertoire of any musician. CrispyTuner provides an intuitive and affordable way to apply vocal tuning to your tracks - whether you're a professional musician or a budding hobbyist. It allows any user to set up standard vocals in no time, even without any prior knowledge of the area. Its powerful LiVE mode makes it equally suitable for live performances as well as post-processing of recorded vocals. You can hear yourself with the effect applied during song recording or stage rocking, allowing you to play confidently without worrying about pitch instability. We are pleased to announce that CrispyTuner and its pitch correction algorithm have been purchased by Brainworx Audio! Brainworx is one of the leading plugin developers, best known for its patented bx_console TMT plugins and mastering classics such as bx_digital M / S EQ and bx_masterdesk. In the coming months, Brainworx will use the resources of CrispyTuner to develop its own Pitch Correction plug-in, which will be released to the Plugin Alliance. They are also in the process of developing a complete vocal mixing kit based on CrispyTuner technology. Therefore, CrispyTuner is no longer available for purchase.

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