DDMF - IIEQPro 3.6.8 VST, VST3, AU (macOS) - Full Version

For many die-hard fans, IIEQPro is the ultimate equalizer plugin. If you had only one choice, you would take it with you to the notorious island. If you're looking for the best EQ plugin money can buy that you can safely load onto any track in your projects, then this is it! IIEQPro contains everything expected from a software equalizer in the 21st century and more. The only problem: once you own an IIEQPro, there are no more excuses ... DDMF - IIEQPro is a 24-band parametric equalizer with high functionality. Due to its significant operating speed and minimal system requirements, it can be used in each separate channel of the mix. The plugin will do a good job in the mastering process as well. Each of the 24-band EQ has 24 types of filters, which makes it almost a professional device.


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DDMF - IIEQPro 3.6.8 VST, VST3, AU (macOS) - Full VersionFile Size 32.5 MB

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