Devious Machines - Plugins Bundle 2021.10 VST, VST3, AAX

Creative tools for modern musicians: DM Duck 1.2.9 - Amazing sidechain style ducking and loudness effects. DM Infiltrator v1.2.15is a monster multi-effect that can stack, sequence and modulate up to ten different effects at the same time. From analog filtering to complex transformations, Infiltrator turns simple sounds into works of art. DM PitchMonster 1.3.6- Under the streamlined exterior of the Pitch Monster lurks an absolute monster, capable of 64 voices of distorting the sound of madness. Turn lead vocals into a beautiful chorus or robot melody; turn monosynthesis into an orchestra or your own familiar voice into the thundering vibrations of Thor, the God of Thunder. With its granular, formant and robotic vocoders, Pitch Monster goes far beyond the usual pitch shifting. Real-time MIDI control, low latency, and 8-voice polyphony mean it can be played like an instrument. Pitch and timing and randomization functions turn ordinary sounds into fantastic sounds, while extreme formant shifting can not only change the gender of a voice, but also transform it into a completely different look! DM Texture 1.8.4- Drawing on a library of over 300 acoustic and electronic sources, Texture synthesizes new layers that track the dynamics of your sound. Want to glue the transients in hi-hats by adding dynamic filtered noise? Or how about boosting the kick by automatically adding a low frequency sine wave? Texture makes this easy, intuitive and fast.


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