Feelyoursoun dHQ - ChordPotion v1.1.0 VST x64 - Full Version

ChordPotion was created to be as efficient as possible: Connects to any of your favorite synthesizers. Includes hundreds of specialists who are used by many professionals around the world. Works in many styles and genres including EDM, hip-hop, rock, pop, lounge, synthwave and others. Try new techniques immediately. Discover different styles to transform your chords. Play your chords live from a MIDI keyboard or use your DAW's playback system. You can export the generated notes as standard. MIDI files. Use the built-in randomization engine to create endless pattern variations. Dozens of presets to get you started quickly. Imagine that you have acquired all the playing skills and years of practice to improvise on whatever chord you hear. Imagine knowing several genres inside out, switching freely between different play styles, and never getting stuck with a writer. Switch between 12 different pages to experiment with your creations. Two different swing modes and a "tripletize" function make everything "more human" if needed. You simply add your chords to ChordPotion and use the intuitive interface to combine different playing styles with each other. ChordPotion will generate new melodic phrases for you and play them on your favorite synthesizers. You can also export the generated notes as standard MIDI files and edit them later.

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