Focusrite - FAST bundle 1.1.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

The Collective debuts the FAST line of plug-ins, which includes three mixing tools developed in collaboration with artificial intelligence experts Sonible. FAST Equalizer, FAST Compressor, and FAST Reveal provide a range of tone shaping and dynamics processing capabilities with performance-oriented workflows specifically designed to support your creativity. FAST plugins use artificial intelligence technology to help you get flawless results fast. Powered by Sonible's Smart: Engine, plugins learn your sound profile and provide source-specific controls to make your mixes shine. In each plug-in, the detailed view allows you to dive deeper into the individual settings so you can fine-tune your sound, making the range of FAST plug-ins inspiring additions to the customization of every music master, whether you are a beginner or an experienced creator. ... We're excited to announce a new online platform for passionate music creators to inspire all musicians on their musical journey. The Collective is a brand new and ever-expanding online hub designed to give you the tools and inspiration you need to focus on what matters most: making the music you want to create. Offering inspiring original content and exclusive collaborations, The Collective focuses on simple and clever technology for the modern author Plug-in Collective is a standalone entity from Collective Have you ever got lost putting sounds in your mix? FAST Equalizer automatically adjusts the equalizer curve so you can sound your best. Spending too much time tuning your compressor? FAST Compressor sets the optimal settings so you can stay tuned. Having trouble balancing competing sounds? FAST Reveal delivers the clarity you need to shine your mixes. FAST Verb - Easily add depth to your voice and instruments for a more natural sound in seconds. AI smart: engine from FAST Verb will match you with the right reverb for your audio, allowing you to quickly get studio quality sound with options to tailor the sound to the mood of your track.


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