IK Multimedia - SampleTank Editor 4.0.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, x64 - Full Version

For those who always wanted to add to SampleTank 4 our own sounds, we made the SampleTank Editor - a simple and intuitive tool for converting samples to .st4i and .pak formats at a professional level. From samples to libraries- SampleTank Editor gives you the ability to create your own libraries and instruments from individual samples, as well as assign icons to instruments and libraries. It has a simple and straightforward tabbed interface where you can construct sounds and assemble instruments from them. Quick import of samples - On the Samples tab, you can import samples and automatically create a layout for them based on the file names. You can stick to the general SampleTank naming convention, or teach the editor to read your file names and position them so you don't have to rename large collections of sounds. In the process of creating a layout, the editor automatically creates oscillators, zones and elements. Editing Oscillators and Zones- Zones can be edited on the Zones tab. This means that for each note, upper and lower limits are set on the keyboard, within which you can place up to 6 oscillators. The oscillators in SampleTank support a looping function that can play sequentially or randomly different versions of a sound at the same pitch and with the same velocity. Editor SampleTank Instrument Editor tool also provides access to a wide range of parameters of the oscillators and zones that can be used for advanced configuration editing elements- An element is a "multisample" made up of several groups of zones. On the Elements tab, you can change the pitch, volume and pan, as well as the playback mode (traditional resampling or resynthesis) and trigger mode (note on, note off, or latch). Changes made on this tab affect all zones and oscillators. Tool-level editing- On the Instruments tab, you can edit all the elements related to this instrument SampleTank Here you can add description, legal information, keywords and insert effects on the five open effect slots - SampleTank 4 has 70 different effects that allow you to add volume, color and dynamics to the sound ... In addition, 8 macro knobs can be programmed to control modulation or other related parameters. On the Instruments tab, the name and icon of the instrument is also set, which is a link to a png file in the Library Resources folder. Create your own libraries- Come up with a name for your new library and set an icon for it. Now that everything is ready, you can export a single instrument or even an entire library of instruments directly to SampleTank 4, as a result of which the corresponding files will be written directly to the SampleTank 4 directory on disk. SampleTank 4 will automatically scan directories the next time you launch it, so your new tool or library will appear in the browser alongside the factory content. You are now ready to launch the instrument, set up the multi-instrument, play it through the groove players, and use all the features of the SampleTank sound engine to complete your signature sound.

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