Initial Audio - 808 Studio 2 v2.0.5 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64 - Full Version

Our synthesizer is a game changer in the design of the classic 808 sound that sounds in many modern styles of music such as Trap, Grime, Drum and bass. Changing the rulesA: Many manufacturers these days use samples to sound their 808s, we developed the 808 Studio to change all of that. Samples are great, of course, but they can never be as good as real-time bass generation. The bass in 808 Studio is generated from a selection of 70 different high-resolution morning signals, each designed to get you closer to the quality bass sound you want with little effort. The higher the resolution of the waveform, the more harmonious content it can contain and therefore richer and fuller sound will sound at the lowest frequencies, which is exactly what you need for bass sounds. Real-time generation brings even more benefits - you can now modify your 808 sounds in ways that which cannot be applied with samples. Change the waveform, apply a filter, and change the individual sound levels. Use 808 Studio to create your own unique bass sound. Get ahead! It has never been easier to create custom 808 sounds! Create your own 808s in seconds with 808 Studio, even if you're not very proficient with synthesizers, you'll get amazing results quickly. It's hard to do something wrong in 808 Studio. Don't want to waste your time on sound design and just want to get bass ready right away? 808 Studio comes with 200 ready-made 808 sounds and bass presets. These presets let you cover just about any genre bass sound you will ever need. Listen to the demo and see for yourself. Features: - 70 unique high resolution waveforms. - 200 ready-made presets. - Unique Kick Section: Create 808 Kicks. - Sub section: Creates that extra beat in the low end and contains Fat and Drive modes .. - Effects bypass: Useful for keeping the main bass frequency intact when using a Chorus effect, for example. - Oscillator section: 70 available waveforms for a truly unique sound, then you can apply envelopes - Advanced graphic envelopes: manipulate curves and control their segments either from the display or using the knobs. Get real-time visual feedback on the current position of the envelopes. - Effects rack with amp, compressor, EQ and chorus. The order of their application can be changed. The compressor contains a built-in sidechain. - Glide: Make your bass glide effortlessly with just one knob. - Pitch Slide: Change the pitch up or down and adjust the shape of the slide response. - Scope: View the resulting waveform in real time. It also signals in red if the output signal is clipped.

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