KIT Plugins - BB N105 1.1.0 VST3, AAX x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) - Full Version

BB N105 - is a plug-circuit emulation strip created by a sample of the legendary Studio A console in Blackbird Studio. Developed by KIT Plugins in collaboration with John McBride and his team, we have created a truly emotional and creative music plugin like the legendary console for many great artists. The Neve 8078 console in Studio A in Blackbird is far from ordinary. After John McBride purchased the console for the studio, it underwent extensive restoration to restore it to its former glory. The console has received a number of modifications from the best minds in the audio industry, making it not only unique but arguably the best example of its namesake ever. We've taken a close look at the console's legendary channel, from factory schematics to examining how leading manufacturers and engineers use the console to better understand what made it so special. Our engineers have carefully sampled the channel taking into account all factors - EQ, saturation, noise, distortion, depth, width and musicality. Our mission was to create a plug-in that truly embodied the sound of Studio A. To do this, we sampled a channel in the console through the Master B bus and captured the samples using John's favorite analog-to-digital converters. We sincerely believe that we were able to convey the sound of the Neve 8078 in all its glory!


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