ML Sound Lab - Amp Pack 2021.9 STANDALONE, VST3 x64

ML Sound Lab is part of the Leverage program from EU 2014-2020. The Pohjois-Pohjanmaa Economic Development, Transport and Environment Centers have provided our company with substantial financial support for the development of new ML Sound Lab plugins. This support will ensure the longevity of the company, the risk-free investment and the maintenance of the highest quality of our products. This support is intended to create a completely new line of plugins for the ML Sound Lab. Authentic sound of tube amplifiers on your computer: Amped - Ark v1.3.0 Amped - Bass v1.0.4 Amped - Burger v1.0.2 Amped - CB4 v1.0.4 Amped - Dual v1.0.0 Amped - Flagship v1.0.16 Amped - ML5 v1.0.2 Amped - ML800 v1.0.2 Amped - Roots v1.3.0 Amped - Stevie T v1.0.2 Amped - Super Duper v1.3.0


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ML Sound Lab - Amp Pack 2021.9 STANDALONE, VST3 x64File Size 64 MB

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