Mozaic Beats - Chord Prism 1.0.15 VSTi, VSTi3 x64

Easily create your own professional-sounding bass lines, melodies and arpeggios from any chord progression. Play chords of any key or scale with one finger. Choose from several types of chords (triads, 7th, 9th), as well as several inversion and lead voice options. Apply Strum, Repeat, Hold and Velocity effects. Smart Scales - Play awesome bass lines and melodies with Mozaic Beats' patented Smart Scale system. Has different comparisons for different levels of knowledge. For beginners, the scale shifts with each chord selection. This allows you to keep your hand in the same position while the correct tones flow to your fingers. Step sequencers- Program and apply different rhythm patterns to the content you create with the Chord Generator and Smart Scale. Chord Prism comes with a wide range of genre presets that take full advantage of step sequencers. Multi Arpeggios - Create from the palette arpeggios with one finger that can be applied to any chord selection. Mozaic Beats' patented Multi Arp technology allows you to mix and match Arpeggio patterns into unique combinations of direction and tempo change. Synchronization of modules- When using multiple instances of Chord Prism in a project, each instance will share key, scale and chord information. This allows you to quickly add elements such as bass, melody, and arpeggios to your chord progression without worrying about which tones will work with the chords. Chord Editor - Customize the notes of each specific chord step by step using the patented Mozaic Beats chord editor. Create any inversion, vocals, altered chord imaginable. A powerful tool for advanced users looking for more advanced accompaniment features. Export MIDI - Once you've finished a track, you can easily drag and drop the current MIDI notes onto an instrument track in your DAW. Tone / Chord Switches - Change keys or chord types on the fly using the Chord Prism switch keys. Great for live performance or quick listening to various ideas in the studio. Most DAWs - Chord Prism is recognized as a VST instrument in your DAW. It produces no sound, but can be configured as MIDI output to another instrument in your DAW. Then you can record something to the Chord Prism track, which will control the playback of the other instrument track. You can also export the midi from Chord Prism to other instrument tracks. Multiple instances of Chord Prism can be used in a project. Maschine and Reason - Since these DAWs do not allow MIDI routing from one track to another, Chord Prism allows you to load an additional VST instrument. You can scan your VST instruments into the Chord Prism library, or drag and drop individual VST instruments from their folders on your computer to the Chord Prism library. Logic Pro - Chord Prism can be used in the same way as the native Logic MIDI effects when placed in front of the instrument in the signal chain.


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