Native Instruments - SCARBEE CLAVINET / PIANET v1.3.1 (KONTAKT)

Scarbee Pianet is a sample library of the original Hohner Model N Pianet electro-mechanical piano. This instrument sounds like a vibraphone, a cross between the shrill A-200 and the soft Mark I. Native Instruments Scarbee Clavinet / Pianet also has a versatile effects section containing classic reverb, chorus, phaser, amp modeling, auto-wah distortion, pan, compression. , delays and tremolo. check all links. If at least one part of the archive cannot be downloaded It is an electric piano that was used in funk, soul, reggae, disco and rock tracks during its greatest popularity in the late 60s. The sound of this instrument is similar to that of an electric guitar, and is especially good for a sharp, flamboyant manner of playing. The sharp timbre and percussive style of performance made this instrument the number one choice for many funky recordings.


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Native Instruments - SCARBEE CLAVINET / PIANET v1.3.1 (KONTAKT)File Size 3.74 GB

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