Novation - V-Station 2.6 VSTi, VSTi3, RTAS, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64 - Full Version

The Novation V-Station virtual analog synthesizer recreates the powerful and rich sound of the K-Station synthesizer as a plug-in for your computer. The V-Station reproduces complex and harmoniously rich sounds through its Liquid Analog synthesizer engine, and has a clear and responsive interface with keycaps and mouse-operated switches. The V-Station software synthesizer gives you the same true three-oscillator versatility as the award-winning K-Station, great analog filters, 8-voice polyphony, customizable synchronized FX and cool sounds that only Novation synthesizer can offer. The abyss of program locations and the versatility you get from integrating them with your sequencer and / or disc-based recording setup make it a useful tool that is also a team player. Sounds created on a V-station can be uploaded to an A-station or K-station, and vice versa. Getting the best out of the V-Station is easy. All the main control knobs that shape the sound are right on the main screen. Clear, clear and simple. Call up a preset, make detailed adjustments, and instantly save sound to any of 400 program locations. Need more? Just click and you'll find additional functions and control knobs on the other three screens. Three powerful oscillators provide you with all the classic sound waves, including a sine wave for bass-pumping, building-rocking grooves. All sound waves have the ability to duplicate, which creates a double of the sound wave without losing polyphony. Oscillators can be set to work in unison or synchronized action, and can use FM to generate metallic or percussion tones. A noise generator is also included in the sound wave engine. Filters in the Novation V-Station produce rich, smooth analog filter sound. Selectable low-cut filter, 12dB or 24dB cut with resonance and distortion that make it easy to recreate anything from a dull TB303 to a tight sound with round bass. Bring up the V-Station and immediately get an additional eight voices available with new sound if required. The multi-device capability allows the V-Station to run as many multi-timbral parts as the power and performance of a computer will allow. The Novation V-Station adapts the Supernova Synthesizer sound structure to apply six effects simultaneously to each part of the multitimbral synthesizer. Effects include distortion, stereo chorus, phaser, reverb, sync pan and delay. The arpeggiator provides programmable speed, timing, and sweep range for each device, allowing for comprehensive timing of effects. Install multiple devices, press one key and distribute the wall of sound. All triggered arpeggiators and LFOs can be individually synchronized to MIDI sync at different time signatures. Covering a wide range of sounds, from scorching leads to pathetic pads, from sophisticated electric pianos to cool funky bass, this software synthesizer is capable of delivering top-notch sounds. MAIN PROPERTIES OF THE NOVATION V-STATION SOFTWARE SYNTHESIZER: • Software plug-in version of the Novation K-Station instrument • Industry standard Standard VST (for PC platforms) and MAC Audio Unit plug-in pharma • V-Station sounds can be loaded to A-station and K-station, and vice versa • Superb smooth analog sounds based on the K- sound engine Station • Phase lock arpeggiator • High quality instant effects including reverb, chorus, phaser, delay, pan and distortion plus a spectrum equalization filter • Powerful 3-oscillator sound engine with Noise and FM capabilities • 400 user programs - 200 factory presets presets • Eight-note polyphony on each device

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