Sonus Paradisi - Krzeszow, Poland (HAUPTWERK)

Library of samples for the Hauptwerk organ emulator (Link to update 4.2 in the distribution header) The organ was built in 1732-1737 by the organ builder Michael Engler, had 50 registers on three manuals with a pedal and was a characteristic instrument of the Silesian region. Later, in the nineteenth century, some changes were made to its design and disposition, but as a result of the restoration of 2006-2008, the instrument was returned to its original state. An unusual feature of the organ is the presence in it of the so-called chamber-tone, when all the registers of the back-positive and the four registers of the pedal are able to sound one tone lower, due to the displacement of the keyboard tract. A more detailed description of the organ (in English) is called from the program menu: Organ - Show organ information

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