Soundspot - Union 1.0.3 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64 - Full Version

Rich and fat sound thanks to the non-standard operating scheme of three oscillators. The SoundSpot studio has released the new SoundSpot UNION synthesizer. According to the creators, UNION is "the next generation wavetable synthesizer." Today, every second plug-in calls itself a tool of the next generation, but the developers from SoundSpot justify their big words with a non-standard UNION scheme. The synthesizer is equipped with a table-wave generator that allows you to harmoniously enrich the sets of tables at the outputs of the main oscillators. The synthesizer is based on a pair of analog modeling oscillators with six sound waveforms and 32 voices. By mixing the signals of both oscillators, users generate new table-waveforms of sound that can be used on the third oscillator. The two oscillators have their own filtering, modulation and ADSR envelopes. The sections received a graphical interface that simplifies interaction with them. In addition to this, both oscillators have four effects: phaser, delay, distortion and reverb. Users can work with oscillators both simultaneously and separately. The third oscillator combines the signals of the first two, combines them with effects and generates a special wave table. You can process the resulting signal in the modulation and ADSR envelope sections, as well as in the special morph section. The resulting sound of the three oscillators can be mixed in any proportion to create a unique sound. The final signal can be processed again in a separate section of nine output effects. SoundSpot UNION does not suffer from the lack of features. Despite this, using the synthesizer is simple - the interface is clean and understandable, nothing more. For the first study of the instrument, the developers have provided a set of dozens of different presets that demonstrate all the capabilities of UNION. The presets sound juicy and bold, and easily fit into existing mixes.

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