Strezov Sampling - SAMBHALA Textural Orchestra (KONTAKT)

A fresh and unique set of scoring instruments combining a vast collection of various world instruments, orchestral strings, synthesizers, percussion ensembles and voices designed to create unusual soundscapes for films, television and video games. In today's tense and overwhelming environment, more and more of us are in dire need of calm, clarity, and an overall "flow" state. This longstanding observation of ours led us to create something that aims to help more people find them. Sambhala Textural Orchestra uses all 5 elements of life - earth, fire, water, air and ether - thus bringing you closer to the wisdom of the ancients as much as possible. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let us take you on a journey of discovery and inspiration! One interesting new feature in the Sambhala Textural Orchestra is the new Elements section. We've added several ambient sound effects that you can mix with any sound from the library, giving you the ability to create truly amazing and unique sounds. Sounds or "elements" are at your disposal: "Ether", "Air", "Fire", "Water" and "Earth". You can turn any of them on or off by clicking the symbol to the left of each item; you can adjust the volume of each, solo or mute accordingly. You can also cancel the ambience effect by clicking the reverse circular button next to the mute button.


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Strezov Sampling - SAMBHALA Textural Orchestra (KONTAKT)File Size 18.64 GB

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