Three-Body Tech - Heavier7Stri ngs UPDATE 1.5.4 VSTi AAX x64 x86 - Full Version

Update for Three-Body Tech - Heavier7Strings 1.2.1 WiN x86 x64, MacOS [2016] Heavier7Strings is a seven-string virtual guitar for heavy styles with built-in effects rack and MIDI pattern library. Key features: Sampler specially designed for this program, providing direct sample reading from disk and compensation of latency time. Endless sustain. Built-in digital signal processor for more realistic guitar sound: - random changes in timbre and envelope in addition to the round robin (RR) algorithm; - additional tone correction for braces and vibrato; - digital emulation of string tension, resonance, tone control and pickup position Adjustable in frequency and depth of vibrato. Automatic setting of the working string, fret and direction of the strike. Software switches (triggers) that make it easier to play guitar parts on the midi keyboard Realistic double track: individual RR-algorithm for each guitar and randomization of the length of the notes. Effects rack: - amplifier, cabinet, overdrive, screamer, flanger, delay, etc. in any combination - 16 types of amplifiers from clean to heavy metal, operate in 2-8x supersampling mode to avoid high frequency aliasing. - 66 built-in cabinet impulses with various speakers and microphones, custom impulses (wav files). - up to four pulses can be mixed with different delay, intensity and phase. Hundreds of built-in loops (MIDI patterns) with pre-configured effects rack for different musical styles. Patterns can be transferred to the host program, you can also add your own patterns (by dragging and dropping midi files from the explorer).

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