TrackGod Sound - TRACKGOD VST 2 v2.02 WIN, v2.21 OSX VSTi x64 + EXPANSiONS WIN.OSX - Full Version

Meet a new tool that will make intoxicating trap beats even faster and easier! Focus on making dope beats! The sounds are ready! And they are created by other trap manufacturers. TrackGod is super easy to use. We want to make sure you can easily find out how each knob changes the sound. So the layout is simplistic and not all confusing like 90% of VSTs on the market. IMPRESS YOUR LISTENERS: A MODERN FUTURISTIC - - Our sound engineers strive to provide you with the stylish sounds you hear on the radio, but we ALSO create sounds you never heard. - Artists love to hear rhythms that are contemporary but unique. And sometimes replacing a "typical" sound with a special sound can change the uniqueness of the melody sound. EASY-TO-USE TOOL - - Most Frequent Reviews: "Easy to Use" - Most VSTs are made for producers and sound engineers. This is confusing because you were shown a lot of pens and gizmos that you might not like! - Some producers just want to open VST and get creative! This is what we made TrackGod for. It's easy to understand, easy to operate, easy to customize the sound with a variety of effects. - The core of the sound is already adjusted by us, so there is no need for additional knobs! LET YOUR TUNES JUMP OUT OF THE SPEAKER - - One of the problems with beats these days is that they sound pretty damn robotic. - TrackGod's Velocity Change section allows you to add a little variety and doping to the sound. - In short: the character of the sound will differ depending on how hard or softly you press the key! CUSTOMIZE YOUR SOUNDS - - EFFECTS: The effects section allows you to add a basic yet intoxicating character to your sound. - EFFECTS INSIDE: Reverb. Delay. Bitcrash distortion. Gater. Tremolo. Vibrato. Horus and more!

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