Tracktion Software - Collective 1.2.5 VSTi, AAX x64 + Content v1.0.5 - Full Version

A world of instruments at your fingertips Exciting sample-based variety and powerful synthesis engine. Samples- When developing a factory sound library for Collective, we turned to one of the most famous masters in the field of sampling and scoring - Klaus Peter Rausch. Over the past 3 decades, Klaus has worked with many titans in the industry including Korg, Alesis, Clavia, Yamaha and many more. In doing so, we collect a huge number of instrumental samples of the highest quality specifically for use in sample playback engines. Working closely with the Tracktion VI development team, one of Klaus's most extensive instrument ranges has been meticulously revised, revised, and voiced to provide you with a varied soundscape to explore. Synthesis engineCollective is designed to be more than just a high quality sample playback engine. It is also a high-performance synthesis platform that allows you to easily generate a wide variety of electronic sounds. The combination of these capabilities allows the sound engineering team - and yourself - to create ultra-high definition sounds. Applying subtle synthetic textures to real samples can produce vibrant results that simulate real-world spaces and, if desired, enhanced. As you explore the electronic capabilities of the synth engine, you will discover a full suite of features including virtual analog, 4 FM operators, filters, LFOs, envelopes, and creative FX selection. Collective brings the world of sounds together into one, easy-to-use, ever-expanding premium virtual instrument. Diversity and Development - In a world filled with mediocre sounds touting thousands of presets, Collective is made to be different. Over 600 factory sounds have been carefully crafted to provide a variety of real instruments and electronics. You will find not only the obvious but also the obscure, allowing you to quickly find the sounds you feel for your compositions and explore new soundscapes from around the world. To keep things exciting, content evolves with expansion packs dedicated to different musical genres and musical moments to keep you inspired.

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