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Modular Structures, part of the Inspire series, is the perfect starting point for your next journey into experimental music. Basic sounds include synthesizers, synthesizer effects, pads, sound effects, and drum loops, with many sounds created using modular synthesis. With an emphasis on styles such as Glitch, Complex Electro, and Experimental, Modular Structures is full of sound textures that make heavy use of sound effects, stuttering effects, glitches, and all manner of experimental sound effects to provide an advanced electronic sound palette for your own compositions. Elastik-based Modular Structures are built to inspire. The library contains 1.5 GB of sample data with over 300 loops and phrases recorded at an original tempo of 90 bpm. Loops are up to 8 measures or 20 seconds long. They are divided into several thematic categories - artificial rhythms, asynchronous spaces, disturbed realities, harmonic disruptions, rhythmic dissonances - each with its own sound signature. Loops are also divided into only one of three types - Drum FX (dfx), Pad (pad) and Synth FX (syf) - and layering a combination of loops from each of these groups gives you the perfect platform for quickly starting your next track. This is where the power of the Elastik Inspire comes into play. Just select which of the current loops in your project you want to change and press the Inspire button. Elastik will then replace each of the buttonholes you have selected with the same type of buttonhole. Just repeat this process until you get inspired. The options are endless. If you don't create music the way you usually do, Modular Structures may be for you. A library filled with whimsical, well-crafted, modular synthetic and electronic drum loops will instantly leave you out of the game and be different. The Elastik Player is the perfect plugin for fast, modern music production. The ReTune algorithm allows you to change the key and scale of any tonal loop, while maintaining the highest sound quality. All libraries are organized together in a single browser based on tags and can be easily mixed and matched with each other. Using the Inspire function, you can create endless combinations using Modular Structures hinges or any other installed Elastik library. All sounds are produced by IDM Producer and Sound Engineer Yvat!


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