ZynAddSubFX - 3.0: Zyn-Fusion 3.0.6 STANDALONE, VSTi x64 - Full Version

ZynAddSubFX is a full-featured software synthesizer capable of creating countless instruments, from some commonly found on expensive hardware to interesting sounds that you can transform into an amazing sound universe. Combining years of meticulous sound design heritage with an all-new interactive user interface. More stable than ever, the nuclear power plant with an audio engine is combined with a redesigned, reimagined interface that extends total control over sound design. ZynAddSubFX 3.0 is ready to create the sounds you want. The ZynAddSubFX synthesizer project was first released almost 15 years ago by Paul Nazca Octavia with such an incredible feature set (warm analog sound, powerful modulation and a complete set of onboard effects) that it has quickly become the benchmark for what such software is capable of. Add to that the fact that it was free and open source and you can see why Zyn is still relevant a decade and a half later. With years of active maintenance and refactoring completed for version 3.0, Zyn-Fusion is a modern, classic sound workstation. Zyn was plagued by a complex interface and unstable unofficial plugin versions. Fusion addresses these issues by completely rewriting and rewriting it. With a new set of customizable windows, Zyn is now ready for any platform. By completely decoupling the UI from the synthesis engine, Zyn-Fusion provides powerful features such as a new officially supported version of the VST plugin, remote control of a standalone processor using a touchscreen UI, even multiple UI windows controlling a single sound engine. ... By combining 28 control windows into one, Zyn is now managed through a single tabbed window for a consistent and navigable interface. You think you've heard these sounds before


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