AudioThing Synths - Plugins Bundle 2021.10 VST, VST3, AAX x64

AudioThing is a software development company specializing in audio processing plugins (VST, AU, AAX) and sample libraries. We strive to develop professional yet affordable audio plugins for composers, producers and sound engineers of all skill levels. We offer a wide variety of sound plug-ins, including vintage tape and tube emulations, complex convolutional processors, analog drum machine emulations, and more. Plugin set consisting of: AudioThing.Frostbite.2.v2.2.0 AudioThing.Hand.Clapper.v1.5.0 AudioThing.Hats.v1.5.0 AudioThing.Latin.Percussion.v1.5.0 AudioThing.Megaphone.v1.5.2 AudioThing. miniBit.v1.6.3 AudioThing.miniVerb.v1.1.5 AudioThing.Outer.Space.v1.3.2 AudioThing.Reels.v1.2.1 AudioThing.Space.Strip.v1.1.2 AudioThing.Speaker.v1.5.1 AudioThing.Springs.v1.3.0 AudioThing.SR-88.v1.5.0 AudioThing.The.Orb.v1.2.0 AudioThing. Things.Flip.EQ.v1.1.0 AudioThing.Things.Motor.v1.0.0 AudioThing.Things.Texture.v1.0.2 AudioThing.Things.Tilt.v1.0.0 AudioThing.Type.A.v1.3.0 AudioThing.Type.B .v1.0.3 AudioThing.Valves.v1.0.3 AudioThing.Vinyl.Strip.v1.5.0 AudioThing.Wave.Box.v1.5.1 AudioThing.Wires.v1.1.0


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